The approaching Valentine’s Day is a time for love so why not make it a time to take care of the source of all that love — your heart. The time to start taking care of yourself is now, rather than waiting until you become ill. Wellness means making healthy choices, and balanced nutrition is at the forefront of that.

I have recently become a certified nutrition and wellness consultant with American Fitness Professionals & Associates. I can now work with my clients to help them reach their goals for weight management, fitness, health, and overall lifestyle.

Here are some steps recommended by the American Heart Association for prevention:

  1. Use as many calories as you take in. This means balancing your intake of calories, with your exercise for your height and weight.
  2. Exercise at least 150 minutes a week at a moderate activity level for ideal cardiovascular health.
  3. Eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, nuts, legumes, and lean proteins.
  4. Limit sugar and sweetened beverages to avoid blood sugar spikes and to keep your weight down.
  5. Limit low-nutrient snacks, such as chips, soda, and candy.
  6. Don’t smoke tobacco, and be aware to avoid ingesting secondhand smoke.

These are just some of the basics, and if you are curious about more ways to protect your heart this Valentine’s Day — and all year long — contact me to sign up for a consultation. 


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