Raise Your Energy Levels Through The Way You Speak

Reflecting on the freedoms that we celebrated this past 4th of July, we begin to feel gratitude for all the privileges we have in this country. Some are basic needs, such as access to clean drinking water, and others relate to us being able to work as entrepreneurs. Politics aside, we can feel grateful, satisfied, and happy to be alive.

Then Monday — or in the case of last week, Thursday — comes along, and we are right back finding ourselves in the trap of complaining, poor communication, or frustration. How did we get there? Even if you are doing what you love, there can be times where our work feels overwhelming, and we find ourselves resisting or procrastinating.

As leaders, we can go and go, feeling like we are spinning our wheels in trying to accomplish what we need to do in our work and personal lives. Faced with an ever-growing list of tasks and to-do’s, before long, we can begin to feel irritable, tired, or just plain burnt out.

It may not be the physical effort required for a task that is what’s wearing us out. Our mindset may be what’s off instead. What if you could raise your awareness of how you are approaching productivity in your life, and create some ease, and even enjoyment from accomplishing all there is to do?

In my coaching practice, I’m certified as an ELI-MP, to use an assessment tool when I start working with clients. This Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment that offers valuable insights into your attitude, beliefs, and perception of a situation in your life. Of the two assessment types — personality and attitudinal — the ELI is an attitudinal assessment designed to measure your level of energy, rather than defining you as a specific personality type, as other assessments do.

Through gaining awareness of how you are moving through the world, you can choose to change your perception, and raise your energy levels. One of the best ways to do this when you are feeling your energy level dropping is to create a mantra to repeat to yourself.  For example, you may find that you have resistance to a particular mundane job task. What if you could think of the activity regarding the bigger picture, rather than just the monotony you feel it takes to accomplish it? What if you could think more significant, and raise your energy? Would that task feel easier?

When you are working with others, and dealing with a challenging situation, you can ask your colleagues: “How can I support you?” By asking this question, we can immediately shift the energy in the room. The person who is grappling with a solution can feel supported. It has them pause, and think, and be able to ask for what they truly need that would make the difference in that solution. Rather than lowering your energy to their level of panic, you can raise their energy by offering them kindness and compassion.

What mantra could you create that would have you and your workplace feel validated, and help to keep your energy levels high?

If you would like to find out more and take the Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment yourself, contact me now.

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