Luck of the Irish

It’s not so much that the Irish have more luck than other cultures. It’s more of an attitude — a positive spin to a negative situation.

It’s not by accident that the Irish survived a potato famine, and being treated as 3rd class citizens upon their arrival to the U.S. (til the mid-late 1900’s), They thrived by having a positive outlook and a great sense of humor!

The most important relationship you’ll have is the one you have with yourself. 

How does that statement make you feel? On a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being “absolutely in love with myself,” where would you put yourself right now? (Be honest.)

My relationship with myself has probably been up and down that scale several times. When my self-love scale is on the lower side of the spectrum, I’ve found myself seeking the love I crave from outside sources, either from another person,  from material objects, from “likes” on Facebook, and even from some destructive behaviors. These sources would fill the void temporarily, but they were never sustainable. It wasn’t until I stopped and took the time to nurture the relationship with myself — ALL of myself — that I found a sense of peace, confidence, and deeper engagement in all aspects of my life.


The journey will be different for everyone, but what remains the same for all of us, is that it is a practice, and it takes work; It’s not always easy, but it sure is worth it.

Having a positive outlook on your life and yourself is a vital component to being at peace.  Also, don’t hesitate to ask for help from friends and allies who love and support you when you can’t see it yourself. 


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