Living Well and Living Fully

It’s not just about how long you live, but how WELL you live that matters. For years, there has a been focus on longevity, and on sticking around longer, but is it really the number of years that matter most? Or is it more about how you live out those final years of your life? Will you go out thriving, or suffering?

It’s time to put a focus on our everyday lifestyle choices, not just to live longer, but to feel better RIGHT NOW. It’s true, that you will age from the minute you are born, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that, but why not let go of this socially accepted idea that health problems are just a part of aging? We’ve come to accept the notion that in our 60’s, it’s just “normal” to have heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or other illnesses.

Well, what if that wasn’t the norm? What if we could apply a holistic approach to living, rather than just living for the moment? That cheeseburger you eat today creates a cumulative effect in your body, and over time, leads to inflammation, which leads to a number of diseases.

Start right now. Start taking better care of yourself in all areas of your life. Are you getting enough physical exercise? Make activity some part of your daily routine, even if you just start out with a few minutes of walking each day. Are you getting enough sleep? Set a timer and a bedtime for yourself, just as you would with a child, and focus on getting those z’s for optimal health.

What you put into your body matters — as much as what you DON’T put in it. Yes, avoid fried foods, fatty foods, high cholesterol foods, but think about what you get to feed your precious body daily. Eat leafy greens, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and keep them organic to avoid pesticides which could do more damage than good.

Taking time out to breathe, reflect, and just BE is important. You can try out a meditation app or just venture out in nature — even if it’s only as far as your backyard — so you can gain some perspective and be grateful for the amazing life you are living.

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