Fight Cancer … with Ginger!

In a special report by PLoS, scientists discovered a natural food that could be 10,000 times more powerful at fighting cancer than chemo, and safer for us — ginger!

These new findings were shared by Food Revolution Network based on a scientifically based peer-review study. When approaching cancer treatments, we must look at getting rid of all cancerous stem cells within a tumor. These cells are often resistant to traditional chemotherapy and radiation, however. It’s even been found that those treatments may increase cancer! In killing cancer, we may actually be worsening our resistance to it.

A component found in ginger called 6-shoagaol is especially effective in treating breast cancer stem cells. These stem cells are considered to be the “mother cells,” since they populate the tumor colony, and are resistant to traditional cancer treatments. While chemo kills the tumors, ginger can kill the cause of those tumors.

See the full article in Food Revolution here and find out more about how this potent spice may be one of our best defenses against cancer.

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