End the Summer on the Right Note with a Health and Lifestyle Detox

You may have been spending your summer celebrating, friends, family, and letting loose. This may also mean you’ve been overindulging or letting your healthy eating habits go. There’s no time like the present to hit the reset button on your health, and what better time than now to let go of some bad habits that may have crept in with this summer fun? You may be feeling low in energy, having a hard time being productive, or getting ready to launch something meaningful for the fall.

Here are some steps to do an end of summer detox in various areas of your life to start the next season off right:

  • DIGITAL DETOX: Set aside either a weekend or even a day to give yourself a break from the blinks and bleeps that come from your digital notifications. Unplug the computer, and unplug yourself. Read a book, get out in nature, and take a break from your devices to come back fresh.
  • COMPLAINING DETOX: Have you found yourself complaining more than usual, and feeling frustrated? Why not try to let go of complaining and see how your life might be better and your outlook more positive without it. Try the 21-day no complaint-free challenge
  • CLUTTER DETOX: Decluttering your physical space can help you to free up your mindset, and make room for what’s important. You can start small, letting go of 1 item each day, or go big, and take a day to tackle your garage, basement, or another cluttered area of your house you’ve been avoiding or tolerating. Why not take the month and try the #MinsGame here?
  • HEALTH DETOX: This month, I am taking on my health with the 14-day Be Well Cleanse by Dr. Frank Lipman. The cleanse is designed to be a metabolic and digestive reset, and promotes healthy weight loss, increased energy, clearer skin, decreased pain, better sleep, and mental clarity. Join me in the cleanse to reboot your health so you can create better habits.

** Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of these programs, nor am I am a doctor. Please consult your physician before embarking on a cleanse or any other condition that would affect your health.

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