As fall approaches, what if we could use the changing seasons to make a shift in our thinking or our habits. While spring is a time of renewal, fall is an excellent time to let go. What summer activities have become habits that you want to leave behind for autumn? Why not reinvent yourself and adjust your priorities to make more time for what is important?

Shorter days can mean less time outside and less time to be active, but why not bring your workout practice indoors? There are plenty of online or home workout programs that can keep your healthy summer activity habits going. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not invest in some warmer gear and enjoy the brisk air on your face as you take a stroll around your neighborhood or local hiking trail?

Did your summer travels take you somewhere that had you inspired to take a closer look at your work life, your home life, or your style? If you loved relaxing on the beach, why not keep that with you, making sure to take breaks with a hot cup of your favorite beverage, and instead of an umbrella in your drink, add a sprinkle of nutmeg?

As the leaves begin to fall from the trees as the night air cools, we, too, can shed what no longer works for us. September is a great time to let go of what doesn’t work and nest. Are there foods in your cupboard or refrigerator that don’t match the healthy vision you have for your eating habits? Why tempt yourself? Clean those items out and make room for healthy foods from your local, seasonal, farmers’ market?  

September can mean back-to-school time for people and the beginning of busier schedules as the holidays approach. Why not carve out time to set a routine for your day, so you can make sure to schedule vacation time daily or weekly. By making sure to take breaks, and learning to say “no,” you can avoid burnout, and keep the rejuvenating benefits of your summer vacation with you all year.

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