Yes, it may be “lonely at the top,” but you can help dispel the myth of leaders being the “bad guys.” In your workplace culture, you may have been promoted, and suddenly find your colleagues relating to you as “them” instead of as “us” anymore. The only thing that changed was your job title, and […]

Living Well and Living Fully

It’s not just about how long you live, but how WELL you live that matters. For years, there has a been focus on longevity, and on sticking around longer, but is it really the number of years that matter most? Or is it more about how you live out those final years of your life? […]

Have It All … Just Not All the Time

Work-life balance. We are sold the dream of having it all, and that anything is possible. Working Moms can still go out on girlfriend weekends, and busy CEO’s can write morning blog posts and do yoga. We CAN do it all. But can we do it all at once? What if we could approach having […]


As fall approaches, what if we could use the changing seasons to make a shift in our thinking or our habits. While spring is a time of renewal, fall is an excellent time to let go. What summer activities have become habits that you want to leave behind for autumn? Why not reinvent yourself and […]

End the Summer on the Right Note with a Health and Lifestyle Detox

You may have been spending your summer celebrating, friends, family, and letting loose. This may also mean you’ve been overindulging or letting your healthy eating habits go. There’s no time like the present to hit the reset button on your health, and what better time than now to let go of some bad habits that may […]

Raise Your Energy Levels Through The Way You Speak

Reflecting on the freedoms that we celebrated this past 4th of July, we begin to feel gratitude for all the privileges we have in this country. Some are basic needs, such as access to clean drinking water, and others relate to us being able to work as entrepreneurs. Politics aside, we can feel grateful, satisfied, […]

Fight Cancer … with Ginger!

In a special report by PLoS, scientists discovered a natural food that could be 10,000 times more powerful at fighting cancer than chemo, and safer for us — ginger! These new findings were shared by Food Revolution Network based on a scientifically based peer-review study. When approaching cancer treatments, we must look at getting rid […]

food revolution

It’s time for a Food Revolution!

Our food system has become toxic, and billions of people around the world are suffering from cancer, heart disease, memory issues, type 2 diabetes, a lack of energy, and many other health problems that could be improved or even healed simply by making the right food choices. You’ll find out exactly what you can do […]

A New Beginning – Live a Life of Meaning After Retirement

Happy Spring to everyone!  Since I’ve retired from the oil industry after working 31 years in the Arctic, I am having difficulty with knowing who I am now. For so many years, I had a job that motivated me and where I honestly felt needed.  However, the last few months have been a struggle for […]

Luck of the Irish

It’s not so much that the Irish have more luck than other cultures. It’s more of an attitude — a positive spin to a negative situation. It’s not by accident that the Irish survived a potato famine, and being treated as 3rd class citizens upon their arrival to the U.S. (til the mid-late 1900’s), They thrived by […]